Radio or POC APP brand Video test link
3M 3M Peltor WS ProTac XP pair with MobilitySound BT Dongle
Airbus Airbus Agnetwork POC testing with iPhone and Android use PTT-Z
  Airbus Agnetwork POC connected with BT55 wireless speaker microphone
  AIRBUS TPH900 Bluetooth testing with BT55 Bluetooth Speaker microphone
  AIRBUS TPH900 Bluetooth testing with BTH-300 Bluetooth light RSM
  EADS TH9 THR9 Bluetooth headset and dongle solution
Azetti Azetti with iSPM600 iOS version
BPer BPer with Bluetooth Ear Muff BTH-700
  PTT for WePTT & BPER & 手機對講
BTTalk PTT-U for Midland BTTalk APP
  BTH-500 for Midland BTTalk APP
Buddycomm Buddycomm tesing with BTH-500
  BUDDYCOM with iSPM600 wired RSM
  Buddycom iOS with Bluetooth speaker microphone BTH-600-FBLB
BT55 Bluetooth speaker microphone introduction
BTH-300 Bluetooth light headset introduction
BTH-700,800,900 Bluetooth Ear Muff introduction
Chatter Chatter PTT pairing with PTT-U
  New BT 5.0 dongle paired with Airpods
  New BT 5.0 dongle for Airbus TH1n
  New BT 5.0 dongle for Motorola 2 pin radios
  Dongle for Sepura radio BTD-2SP3-5
  Dongle for Motorola GM mobile radio BTD-03J series
  How to pair BT dongle with headset and BT-PTT (HD)
  Pairing Vertex VX-879 BT dongle with HD1-R5 bluetooth headset
  How to pair MobilitySound Bluetooth PTT with Bluetooth Dongle
  How to pair MobilitySound Simple pin dongle and BT headset
EasyTalk EasyTalk pair with BTH 500R
  EasyTalk pair with PTT220-VZ
ESChat Android phone RP350 ESChat testing with iSPM610 loud speaker microphone
  Uniden UR7 speaker microphone with ESChat testing
  iSPM610 for ESChat Android
GPS Microphone GPS Microphone demo with ICOM radio
  GPS Microphone product for Kenwood radio
GroupCom GroupCom linked with finger BLE PTT
HD1-PR5 Light Bluetooth headset for POC and 2 way radio
HP70,80,85,90,91 HP series Ear Muff introduction
Harris Harris radio Bluetooth speaker microphone BT55 testing
  Harris XL-200 bluetooth with BTH-600 testing
  Harris XL-200 Bluetooth headset BTH-300 testing
Hytera Hytera Bluetooth radio pair with BTH-500 BT headset
  Hytera Bluetooth radio pair with BT55 RSM
ICOM ICOM IP501H with BTH-600 testing
  BT speaker micphone BTH-500-IC with ICOM radio pairing
  ICOM BT Radio pair with BTH-600
InstantTalk EP31-P12M93N with UR7 and InstantTalk
  Instant Talk pair with wireless PTT
  Bluetooth Speaker Microphone tested with RugGear RG-310 Instant Talk and Mobile Tornado
Kenwood Kenwood NX-5000 pairing instruction with BT55 Bluetooth Speaker Microphone
  HD1-R5 PTT working with Kenwood NX-5200 Bluetooth
  BTH-900 Bluetooth Ear Muff for Kenwood Bluetooth radio NX-5200
  How to pair Kenwood NX-5000 with MobilitySound BTH-300-VKNX
Kodiak Kodiak BT55 wireless PTT RSM testing with iPhone
  Kodiak BT55 wireless PTT RSM pairing and testing
  Uniden UR7 speaker microphone with WAVE and Kodiak
  Kodiak with PTT-Z testing
  Kodiak PTT with BTH-500
Mobile Tornado Mobile Tornado & Instant Talk with Ruggear RG720 testing
Motorcycle MP50B1 speaker microphone with wireless PTT for radio on motorcycle
  MP50B2 Rugged RSM with Bluetooth connection for radios and motor cycle
Motorola DP3661e MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO DP3441e Bluetooth speaker microphone accessory BTH-600
MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO Motorola radio with Bluetooth Speaker Microphone BTH-500
Motorola TLK100 Motorola SL 300, SL 500, SL 3550, SL3550e, SL 7550, SL 7580, SL 7590, SL1K, TLK100 Loud Speaker Mic
Motorola SL series Speaker Mic f or SL 300, SL 500, SL 3550, SL3550e, SL 7550, SL 7580, SL 7590, SL1K, TLK100
PTT-Z-L0 PTT-Z-L0 BLE PTT button for Zello POC introduction
PTT-Z-L4 PTT-Z-L4 for Wave onCloud or Kodiak product introducing.
Phonak PHONAK ROGER Bluetooth headset with Mobility Sound Bluetooth Dongle
Real-PTT REAL-PTT with PTT-Z BLE finger PTT
Ruggear RG-725 RG-725 RSM testing, MP16M5
Sepura Sepura SC2024 Bluetooth testing with BTH-300-Q2
  Sepura SC2024 Bluetooth testing with BT55-Q2
  Sepura Bluetooth dongle testing with Bluetooth headset and BLE PTT
  Sepura STP9000, STP9100, STP9200, SC20, SC21 Bluetooth RSM BTTH-600
Standard Horizon Standard Horizon SR720 Bluetooth RSM testing
TASSTA BLE PTT button for iOS
  TASSTA HD1-PR6 PTT testing
  Tassta POC testing with wireless PTT PTT-Z
  TASSTA POC tested with wireless PTTMic PTT and SOS function
  TASSTA with BTH-300-R6
Wave onCloud PTT-Z-L4 with Android
ZEBRA WFC BT55 test video
  iSPM101 wired RSM with iPhone
  Zello table microphone with PTT
  iPhone with Zello speaker microphone communication system iSPM610 wired RSM
  Android Samsung Tablet with Zello speaker microphone communication system iSPM610
  BT55 Bluetooth speaker microphone for Zello ESChat radio and dongles
  TELO TE590 with Zello and PTT-Z , BTH-500
  Zello gateway for Motorolla MOTOTRBO
  Zello gateway cable for Kenwood radio
  Zello gateway cable for Motorola GM series mobile radio
  Zello gateway cable for Motorola XIP XPR series mobile radio
  iSPM610 working with USB type C cellphone
  iSPM100, wired speaker microphone for Zello iOS and Android
  Zello PTT multi-function buttons
  BT speaker micphone BTH-500 with Zello POC pairing